Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Wants an iPhone

The micro dude is well aware that his fourth birthday is coming up next month.

Buster: I want an iPhone for my birthday.
Me: That's a pretty big present.
Buster: No, it's small. Just a rectangle. (I think that's my favorite line.)

M: Who are you going to call on an iPhone?
Buster: I'm not going to call anyone!
M: What are you going to do with an iPhone?
Buster: Play games.

M: You can play games on the iPad.
Buster: I can't always have the iPad. (We limit the time he and his brother get to have it, to keep our days from being one endless video-watching and game-playing endeavour.)

Buster: If I have an iPhone, I can play games all the time.

Well, he certainly has thought it out pretty well.


Waltzing with Widgets said...

Boys and their widgets :-). How about this one? Larger than life!

Bob said...

Well thought out.

mayberry said...

C'mon Mom! It's just a little rectangle! (LOVE.)

Anonymous said...

What Mayberry said: rectangle

Fourth b