Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Related Cuteness

We got to admire some non-sea creatures during our trip to the Aquarium, such as this Chinchilla.

The pygmy hedgehog appeared to be napping, so we only saw his rear end, but even that was cute. I'm uncertain as to why they had these guys next to the tidepool exhibit, but hey, equal opportunity for land animals too!

Plus, there were baskets and baskets of plush sealife, none of which we brought home. Sigh.

I will admit to getting an octopus necklace for myself and allowing the boys to choose a prize. Interestingly, they didn't choose stuffed animals or something directly related to what we saw. Q-ster picked this trinket, which he uses in his pirate play-acting as a medallion, and Buster accordingly picked one of a different color. I love how everything around them gets turned into either a lightsaber, pirate treasure, or ninja weapon.


Bob said...

A nice piece for pirates.
Even the back end of a hedgehog looks cute.

mayberry said...

It's not every day the octopi visit, so I think a necklace was an important purchase!

Anonymous said...

Love the chinchilla, just chillin

Fourth B