Friday, February 24, 2012

Photo of the Year

The photographers association of our northern friends named this the photograph of the year - the prime minister comforting his friend, leader of the youth organization that had dozens of its members gunned down last July. Photographer Tommy Ellingsen. The article describes the emotional outreach in the following days, something that was seen as unusual and warm in the Scandinavian culture.

I walked by the city cathedral again when I was there last month. The snow covered the remaining handmade memorials, but there was this one heart that stood in the courtyard, reminding everyone of the brave teens who spoke up for meeting violence with openness and love.

"The greatest of all is love."


Bob said...

What a day, 7 months ago.
Must be close the the half year anniversary when you were there.

mayberry said...

I like the shininess of the heart. Hopeful.

Anonymous said...

Great photo. The right choice to do in black and white.

Fourth B