Sunday, February 12, 2012

Octopodes on the Loose

Our eight legged friends in the news: A local aquarium has acquired three giant Pacific octopuses! I think a visit is in order shortly.

Madame A sent a link to a delightful etsy shop of animal creations, including this octo-shirt.

And totally unrelated to everything, here's the link to the local boy made good - Palo Alto High School and Harvard grad, now darling of the NBA, the first Asian American to hit the big time in basketball . . Jeremy Lin!


Bob said...

Octopus is such a different creature from human:- in the water, changes color, no bones, eight tentacles (limbs ). That's why it's fascinating.
Yeah, lots of video on Jeremy.

mayberry said...

It's as if the staff at the aquarium was reading your blog!