Monday, February 27, 2012

The New Kitchen

When we bought our first house, the kitchen had this grapevine wallpaper. Not atrocious, but also not really our style. We said we'd get rid of it when we had the time. Seven years later, when we sold the house, we hired someone to remove it and paint the walls white. Then we moved into our new house . . . which had practically the same wallpaper. Grapevines - not terrible, but not our favorite design.

The thing was, the grapevines were keeping me from doing anything with the kitchen. The walls were so busy, that it was impossible to hang a picture or a calendar without making our eyes go crossed. Three months after we moved into the house, Buster was born, and we were busy for a while. It's not that we couldn't have done the work, but there was always something else - rebuilding the home network, working, living. Fast forward three years.

I was now working with a Scandinavian colleague who positively delighted in home improvements. How was his weekend? He had built a porch in his backyard. Or planted twenty trees, finishing by flashlight. Once he started building a bathroom from scratch for his family's lakeside cabin, I decided that it was becoming shameful that I couldn't get the #&$^@ wallpaper removed. So, last autumn, our weekly calls became a motivator.

This week, he framed walls for the bathroom.
I searched through my house papers and found the phone number for the painter/wallpaper remover.

The following week, he plastered the walls.
I called the wallpaper guy to see if he was still in business.

Next, he constructed the plumbing.
I made an appointment with the wallpaper guy.

He built the shower.
I met with the wallpaper guy and made a date for the work to begin.

He installed a toilet.
The wallpaper guy and team removed the wallpaper, textured the walls, and painted them.

We're practically even in the amount of work we accomplished!

Hooray, wallpaper going away.

I ordered a set of pinboards, calendar whiteboards, and dry erase boards that I'd admired from Pottery Barn Teen for a long time and SwingDaddy installed them.

Some of the hammering was a little loud.

We went to IKEA and selected a cabinet that matched the existing cupboards fairly well. The boys "helped" SwingDaddy assemble it while I sorted and labeled baskets to hold all the school papers and art supplies. Buster's art supplies are on the bottom shelf so that he can reach everything he needs.

And then our kitchen became complete and wonderful. The family calendar is in view, there's a place to post school reminders and bulletins, and room to display the boys' artwork. We've had this arrangement for about three months now, and I'm loving it.


Bob said...

Funny comparison, but the "too loud" pic grabs the most attention.

mayberry said...

That looks great! Just as satisfying as a new bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Mme A