Monday, February 06, 2012

Fuzzy Friends, Downton Abbey Hats

I love the Valentine's decorations they have at Target right now.

They remind me of the googly-eyed pom-pom creatures I used to make as a kid.

In a totally unrelated note, check out this post on the Hats of Downton Abbey. Fabulous!

On my last trans-Atlantic flight, I was sitting diagonally across the aisle from a big, tough-looking dude in a hoodie and baseball cap. He propped up his iPad and I saw the video playing - a few men in crisp white bowties and tailcoats strolled across a sumptuous background. Was he watching Downton Abbey? Really?

But then some ladies walked into frame and I saw they were in 1920's attire not teens, and realized that he was watching Boardwalk Empire. Probably more fitting.


mayberry said...

Ooh, loved the hats! Thanks for the link. Re the pom-pom critters, we have found a Klutz book/kit with all the supplies. Fun!

Bob said...

The pom-pom critters are cute when they are small, but when the are huge (on the second photo) they're menacing.