Sunday, February 05, 2012

An Afternoon in the Armory

It seems that once again, I am the arms dealer for the preschool revolution.

After I sewed the Golden Nunchucks of Lighting, the boys have been asking me to make the Ninjago Shurikens of Ice. Here's Ninja Zane with a Shuriken.

We had a little spare time this weekend, so I set to work. Result, four ninja throwing stars.

Q-ster demonstrating a fearsome jump kick, armed with his shurikens.

and Buster, providing a closeup of their squishiness. They are having a great time flinging them around the house, with (hopefully) minimal damage to its inhabitants.


mayberry said...

I like your non-pointy version. And that's an amazing jump photo!

Bob said...

Wow, fearsome kick and great shurikens. Haven't hear of those before.