Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Non Chemically PJs

It's been a real bear trying to find non-chemical treated pajamas for the boys. These days, almost all children's pajamas are have flame retardant properties. I agree that I don't want anyone to catch on fire, but what are the long term side effects of wearing those chemicals next to growing children's skin for 11-12 hours a day?

The alternative is very tight fitting sleepwear, where presumably there's no material to fall into an open flame (like we have any candles or bunsen burners around.) It's getting harder and harder to find them, but luckily, I found a nice set decorated with Cars2, so Q-ster and Buster could have new PJs for Christmas Eve.

They were not kidding about the tight fitting part. It almost took three of us to get Buster's hands through the sleeves.


Bob said...

It's like a replay of the 1970's, where I have to get non-chemically treated cotton PJ's from Canada.

Waltzing with Widgets said...

Huh! I read more about the law at this very long page:

The problem is "small open flame". I guess votive candles and birthday cakes? Or smoking in bed?