Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holidays Galore

The little dude, wearing his St. Lucia crown from last week's holiday lesson and holding his dreidel, from this week's holiday lesson. It's one of the side effects of living in a highly multi-cultural area!

By the way, he was quite impressed that I already knew about St. Lucia - originally from a Swedish friend in college, but of course, my Scandinavian colleagues have been telling me about the celebrations they are attending in their children's kindergartens.

Other Scandinavian news - the dire butter shortage. Whatever is to become of the Christmas baking?

And other Hannukah news - apparently we have a loaded dreidel, because it's turned up "nun" twenty times in a row.


Bob said...

Well I guess Dreidel does not follow the i before e except after c business. But it's a word invented long before.
20 times nun , just GREAT.

taroka said...

I just heard about the butter shortage on NPR this afternoon and immediately thought of you. Hmm, how to send a great big butter care package...

Anonymous said...

Look up Stephen Colbert's report on the shortage. Hilarious.

Fourth B