Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The World's Worst Food Blogger

With Halloweens and the carving of pumpkins comes pumpkin seeds, and the opportunity to do something with them. The boys were pretty excited about toasting seeds, so I got prepared.

Look, an indistinct picture of some damp seeds, just de-gooped, and some of the tools/ingredients that I intend to use, and some other random stuff.

And here's a blurry picture of the seeds in a bowl. Which may or may not already have the olive oil in it to coat the seeds. Followed by no picture of the garlic salt or the regular salt, or of the finished (delicious) seeds because we ate them all.

Yeah, it's a pretty good thing I'm not trying the food blogging gig.


Bob said...

Hmmmm, got some pumpkin seeds, will try them.

mayberry said...

Ha! This is also why I don't food-blog. (Well, maybe also because I am not a good cook. At all.)