Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Paper Culture Cards: Eco-Friendly and Full of Cute Sea Creatures!

One of my new favorite vendors from BlogHer '11 back in August: Paper Culture. I've been quite pleased with Tiny Prints, but I adore the greeting card and invitation designs at Paper Culture - the shapes, clean images, paper quality, cuteness. They have quite the green philosophy (100% post-consumer recycled paper, plant a tree for every order, only package in recycled paper, etc) but I'll admit that it's the cuteness that gets me.

They had these wonderful wall hangings, and I came back to booth a couple of times to admire.

Did you notice the jellyfish and octopus! How could I not love them?

By dint of being somewhat more crazy than any other blogger ("I have an entire category of my blog devoted to cute sea creatures, I really do!",) the CEO and press director kindly chose me to receive the sea life wall hanging when they packed up the booth and distributed all the decorations. Thank you, thank you!

Here it is:

Look, jellyfish!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post and the opinions are my own (obviously, I mean, who else on this planet is that crazy about octopi?) Paper Culture gave the wall hanging pictured above with Buster. I plan to order (and pay for) my Christmas cards from them this year.


Asianmommy said...

Love these designs--especially the sea creatures.

mayberry said...

It was clearly Meant to Be, that you would have that piece of art!

Bob said...

How lovely, last pic tops them all.

Anonymous said...

Sheri Jurenka is pretty crazy about octopii...her Bohemian ball costume included a plush octopus skirt!