Sunday, November 13, 2011

Glove Tech

Since I'm headed to cold parts of the world this month, it was time to get some real gloves, not the little decorative things I wear in California. I had no idea that gloves have become so technical. Check this out:

Omni-heat thermally reflective material.

Gloves for "extreme" activities or for "people who are cold handed." What above both?

These might suit, given where I'm going.

These have conductive material in the smartphone-typing fingers, so that you don't get cold when you need to communicate.

One of my cold-weather colleagues told me that folks answer their iPhones with their noses so that they don't have to take their gloves off. Hee-hee!

I ended up buying some Polartec Wind Pro gloves - lightweight and supposedly very effective. I hope they work as advertised!


Bob said...

Conductive gloves, this is getting tricky for electrician- wearing thick gloves will not protect them from shocks.

mayberry said...

I am in the market for new gloves too - good to know what you discovered!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I may need to upgrade my gloves. I love my windproof scarf. Highly recommend.