Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Does the Fortuneteller Say to Go?

My sister found this clever fortuneteller (or cootie catcher, depending on how you remember these little foldable pieces of childhood) at Sycamore Street Press, and it has a particular answer that seems to fit my work life these days!

And speaking of that country, the King and Queen have been visiting the United States this last week, particularly Minnesota, to where many emigrated long ago. The Twin Cities StarTribune published a nice interview with the highly articulate king (and by the way, for such an egalitarian country, it's quite entertaining that they have a king.)

When asked about the July massacre, he replied that leaders "have to remind themselves of the values that really count, the values we all want to stand for. I had the feeling there was the same reaction after 9/11, but it didn't last that long. I hope this lasts. I'm sure we'll go through a period of anger, but we have to do that. There are many emotions still to come before we're finished with it -- if we're ever finished."

He went on to mention that the country really came together after the incident, and "there was lots of hugging," which is not how his countrymen usually behave.

I had once read this comment about immigrants from Ireland - that there are more Irish-Americans than there are Irish in Ireland. The king said the same of his people, and of the traditions to continue, it was most important to know each other as people and share knowledge, like medicine and science.

As usual, I’m not trying to be cryptic about the country – I don’t want my blog to be easily found by co-workers doing a search on traveling there. I don’t write anything that folks at work can’t read, but I generally prefer to keep the spheres separate. Thus Scandinavia, the part with the red flag with blue and white cross.

Updated 10/20: The prime minister visited Obama in the White House today.


Asianmommy said...

My kids love Fortunetellers. We have about 50 in the house right now. I like the cute printable one that you found.

Anonymous said...

I was sorely tempted to surprise you with it for Christmas, but I thought you might enjoy admiring it more than owning it