Sunday, October 09, 2011


We had an impromptu outing today, a first trip to play mini-golf with the boys, and it was delightful. Just was delightful was 1) enjoying the California weather and 2) realizing that they're getting to an age that sometimes we can pop out and do a new activity without weeks of mental preparation and strategic packing.

No one even whacked anyone else in the head with a golf club! (Etiquette standards get lowered after one has children, I think.)

In other news, the little dude finished reading the seventh and last Harry Potter book yesterday. Dude is SIX. and he read the last 6 books in about 6 weeks. Some things are clearly going over his head (which is just as well, there's some pretty dark stuff,) like missing the swapped identity of Mad Eye Moody. The action and characters seem to have stuck well though, like remembering who danced with who at the Yule Ball (dancing, of course!) and who liked which classes.

My sister brought him Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and after consuming that one, he's on to The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander. I guess one of the great things about first grade is still having a lot of free time in the afternoons to read. Yay!

P.S. No, those aren't real glasses that he's wearing. More on that tomorrow.


mayberry said...

What a great accomplishment for him! We are still (STILL) listening to the CDs. I think it'll end up being about a year-long project to get through all 7.

mayberry said...

P.S. We found an old (1980s) series called "Young Indiana Jones" at the library. Might be worth checking into for Q! Indy is 14 years old and having adventures all over the world with his dad.

Bob said...

Miniature golf if fun, too bad the Escondido one with Laser tag, race cars and maze is closed.