Monday, October 31, 2011

Ninjas and Wizards and Dark Arts, Oh My!

Buster's preschool Halloween parade was this morning, and he went as Jay, the blue Ninja of Lightning, as he has planned for weeks now.

This evening, I used lipliner to draw a lightning bolt "scar" to Q-ster's forehead to complete his Harry Potter costume, as he has planned for weeks now. His little brother, impressed with the look, promptly took a magic marker and applied special effects to his own face, located his Harry Potter glasses and declared that he too, was going to be Harry Potter for Halloween.

Noting the rapid change in camps, I draw another lightning bolt scar and wiped off the magic marker. (Side note: I am so grateful to Crayola for how truly washable their washable markers are.)

We now had two cheerful Harry's.

We went about refurbishing the flashlights that had been designated as lightsabers some years earlier, and as soon as Buster had his red one, he changed his mind. "I am Voldemort!"

And there you have it. Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter.


Bob said...

The Blue T-Shirt as Buster's mask was so clever, the color matched so well. The two HP, HP/V were really cute.
Washable marker---- saved the day.
Surprised that Buster know about Voldemort.

mayberry said...

We had a nice HP costume come to our door last night -- I thought of your boys!