Sunday, October 02, 2011

Maybe in a Few Years

Look, I totally respect that drugs and alcohol are a serious problem, and schools feel the need to encourage healthy behavior, but as far as I can tell, the first graders have no idea what they are.

Here's the pledge request:

And here's his pledge:

(I will not eat drugs.)

I didn't even make him fix the apostrophe. I think we're going to wait until he's at least seven before sommelier lessons.


Mir said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa! Thank you; I needed that this morning. :)

Stimey said...

Ha! That's the best. Love it.

mayberry said...

Oh my. Now I feel like singing that PSA from our childhood, where the little pill puppets warble "Even though we look so fine and dandy, we're! Not! Candy!"

Bob said...

The toughest one is peer pressure.
Don't do it if your friends are doing it and ask you to do it.

Amber said...

So. Awesome.