Monday, October 10, 2011

HP x 2

Q-ster has stated his intentions to be Harry Potter for Halloween for some time now, and I promised to find him some Harry Potter glasses. I brought a pair home on Friday, and he put them on immediately and started casting spells.

Shortly after, I saw Buster wearing his sunglasses and waving a Lincoln log. I asked him, “Do you want Harry Potter glasses too?” He said no, the sunglasses were fine.

I told him, “If you want Harry Potter glasses too, just let me know, it’s ok.” He hasn’t been into the costuming aspects as much as his brother. He likes the lightsabers, but doesn’t wear the Jedi robe often, and so forth.

But, you never know what’s going to pique a boy’s interest. About ten minutes later, he came back and shyly said that he’d like some Harry Potter glasses too. I made a foray to the store and brought another pair home. He wore them them all day.


mayberry said...

He makes a very cute Harry!

Bob said...

They looked great in the photos. The Lincoln log is a nice touch, good imaginations.