Monday, October 17, 2011

The First Lost Tooth

The little dude has been wiggling his lower front tooth for days now, and tonight, it came out! He was sooooo excited. We can see his two lower center adult teeth growing in, and the other lower baby is already loose.


Bob said...

Great writing with an illustration of the tooth. He is good.

mayberry said...

Yay!! Love the note!

taroka said...

WOW! Big step, great note!

Anonymous said...

Adorable kid. Good job, too. I doubt I would have spelled half the words on that note correctly at his age!

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Mylie said...

He is so cute! Looks like you have a budding writer and illustrator.

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Anonymous said...

He's good illustrating his tooth. I remember a lot of childhood memories with you post. I still have my first lost tooth with me.

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Jake Phillips said...

So, your child has a stubborn tooth that has been loose for what seems like forever! If your child has a loose tooth it is okay to encourage them to wiggle it around in order to help it out or try the biting into an apple trick.

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