Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Circle of Baggage

At a certain age, I think that one can’t be quite so shabby. Where once it might have carried a sort of bohemian chic, now I run the risk of looking like a homeless person. It’s been high time to replace a lot of my favorite items, and I’ve tackled them one by one.

Wallet: My ten year old wallet was disintegrating quite dramatically. Every time I took out a credit card, little flakes of leather would scatter on nearby surfaces. I was also interested in downsizing how much I carried (Checkbook, anyone? No, I didn’t think so) and it was a good opportunity to find a smaller wallet. It took a couple of months to find something both functional and compact. Check!

Carry-on suitcase: My battered Travelpro was also about ten years old, and every single zipper handle had broken off, leaving me to inch the suitcase open and shut with little tugging motions and bent paperclips. It was only a matter of time before it burst open in some cargo hold. Under my sister’s recommendation, I picked up an Eagle’s Creek bag on sale, and I’ve been quite pleased with it. New technology has made bags much lighter.

Purse: I haven’t had the purse as long, about three years, purchased in the teen department, but much beloved. So many pockets! Black and white, with a red lining! And lightweight, since it’s a fabric bag. Of course, the downside of fabric is that the handles have become discolored and worn. I’d been searching high and low for a replacement, but all the purses I saw were either heavy and expensive leather, or massive hobo bags. The style is totally gone, so I thought maybe I should figure out how to sew new handles onto the same bag before I took it to BlogHer this summer, but . . . oh right, who has the time?

Believe it or not, our first evening in San Diego, before BlogHer, I went for a stroll at nearby Seaport Village, and found a bag with exactly the same pocket configuration. Exactly. With a choice of cute whales or jellyfish as the pattern! The jellyfish were a little too pink and purply-girly, so I went with whales, and I’m delighted.

I think it’s taken about a year to find everything. Next up is replacing my soft briefcase for work, since the shoulder strap is on the verge of tearing off.

No disclaimers - I paid for everything myself.


Asianmommy said...

What a cute choice in bags!

mayberry said...

I so hate to give up on a once-good purse! Glad you found one that made you happy.

taroka said...

Yay Eagle Creek! My own day to day purse is a little Eagle Creek bag, though I do actually have a nice purse should there ever be a need... which there isn't.

Glad you're getting everything replaced and re-stocked. That's fun!


Anonymous said...

what wallet did you end up with?