Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Campus Race

We went to SwingDaddy's college reunion over the weekend and since it was entirely outdoors, were lucky enough to enjoy spectacular weather, tank top/mini skirt type temperatures, at the end of October.

We joined a "Family Amazing Race" where we navigated campus with a special map, taking us to locations were the kids had an activity to perform and the adults had a trivia question to answer.

In this sculpture garden, Q-ster had to imitate the face of his favorite statue.

And the parents had to find the native name of "The Thinker."

It's sort of amusing how everyone's gotten very casual with the artwork. Somebody left a jacket and coffee cup on top of this crocodile/drum that Buster is admiring.

The last reunion we attended was just a couple of months after Q-ster was born. Flashback:

We sold this stroller over the weekend. It's served us well for six years, and it's time for another family to enjoy it. We've got walkers now!


Bob said...

Lovely pics, how fast do they grow

mayberry said...

Love the idea of Family Amazing Race - fun!