Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Q-ster has been fascinated by Wizard's Chess, ever since he read about Harry Potter and Ron Weasley playing with the animated pieces.

He and Buster have been playing "Wizard's Chess" all day with Chinese chess pieces and Calvinball rules. I played him tonight and at one point, he jumped his pieces, saying "I double activate this move," and when questioned, he very seriously told me that he had made up that rule and we should just continue forward.

I was insufficiently alert to make up my own rules, but I will be prepared tomorrow.


Bob said...

The fun of Calvinball rules never ceases. Used by young kids all over the world.

mayberry said...

It's true, Calvinball rules are the way to go. Now you know!

Magpie said...

double activate, huh? good one.