Tuesday, August 02, 2011

We Look Forward Us Very

I’ve been reading the Google-translate of the Scandinavian newspaper Verdan Gang, where there are (obviously) many daily articles about the aftermath of the bombing and island shooting tragedy of a dozen days ago. Headlines include the heartbreaking “Our small country is filled with roses and grief” and tributary “Send us your photos where you hold hands” to show unity in the face of violence.

Things do get kind of funny, since it’s an auto-translator. Other headlines:

Can get a prison sentence for mental involvement
With the bombing/shooting, presumably.

It is anyway a disappointment
Regarding early US Congressional debt negotiations.

It tips over, Thor Hushovd
Presumably, the cycling champion had a minor crash, because I can’t find an English article describing an incident, and the link to video wasn’t translated.

Now playing scandal princesses Lindsay and Paris again
No explanation needed.

To achieve half price in the holiday country, check haggle school
Haggle school sounds kind of fun, doesn’t it?

Missing Spine
Complaints about a local politician

And my favorite:
Where are the combustion jellyfish?
The title was much more exciting than the article.

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