Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unlimited Opportunity

My mom mentioned a while back that she wished she’d gotten a little pitcher when I was a young elementary-schooler, so that I could get myself breakfast independently. The milk jug was too heavy for me to manage, and that meant someone always had to help.

Well, it seemed foolish to not fix this problem in the second generation, so we did some web searching and turned up a cute Tupperware pitcher that we filled with milk.

Overheard, while I was lying in bed early one morning:

Q-ster, in a proud voice to his little brother, “Do you want to come downstairs? I can get us cereal for breakfast!”

And then I went back to sleep.


Stimey said...

You just blew my mind wide open. Such a brilliant idea!

Bob said...

Great idea.
I still remember the quote from Peanuts when Linus can finally open the refrigerator door and proclaimed "Unlimited Opportunities"

Asianmommy said...

Awesome! One day I woke up to find that my kids had already made Eggos for breakfast. I had never shown them how to use the toaster for fear that they'd burn their little fingers. Well, they showed me!

mayberry said...

High five!!