Sunday, August 28, 2011

So . . . About Those Travel Plans

I was scheduled to travel to North Carolina, Boston, and New York City this week to visit a complicated line-up of customers. Why do those locations sound so familiar? Because my itinerary was identical to Hurricane Irene, that’s why. I say “was” because although it looked like each airport would be re-opening in sequence in time for my arrival, it just wasn’t giving me a great feeling.

Mostly, if something went wrong, there would be no flights available for rescheduling, since so many hundreds of flights have been canceled. If I got stuck somewhere, it would feel incredibly stupid to have to explain to anyone that I’d left a perfectly sunny, beautiful state to join 4 million people who are lacking electricity this week on the east coast and add to the infrastructure burden there.

So, a bonus week at home.

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Bob said...

Some are on emergency power and if that runs out, it might take a week to repair the main power.