Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seen at Target

You know it's back to school time when you see parents peering quizzically at lists in the aisles of Target.

The school says we should provide a 1.27 oz glue stick, but there are only .77 oz glue sticks in stock. And judging by the size of the .77, the 1.27 would be enormous. Is a .77 oz glue stick acceptable? Will the incorrect size be the downfall of the classroom?

Just when I wish that they weren't so specific on the glue stick, I see that there's an item for hand sanitizer, with no further description. How large a container of hand sanitizer? A regular pump size, or the refill size?

Poor teachers, there's no way to win on the shopping list, but I have to admit I love shopping for school supplies. Mmmm, new Crayola!


mayberry said...

Last year I was lucky enough to get an advance peek at the kindergarten classroom and discover it OVERFLOWING with tissue boxes. I could at least cross that off the list!

Bob said...

Should be a glue stick with a size ranging from xx to xx.
The teacher probably got a popular glue stick last year and listed it, not knowing that manufacturers have already switched.

Anonymous said...

Our list said to label supplies with your child's name. WHICH supplies? Surely not EVERY supply. Don't they throw them all into a community bin? Or maybe in second grade they finally use their own? I have NO idea!

And it said buy 3 boxes of 12 pencils but it was cheaper to buy 2 boxes of 24. Will we be penalized?!

Oh yeah, and I couldn't find gym shoes at Target with velcrro. Guess who needs to learn to tie her shoes by Monday? She never wears shoes with laces so I never thought to teach her.

Lara said...

In some ways, there's no way to win at ANYTHING as a teacher. But we're used to it. :)

Asianmommy said...

We had to get Scott tissues for the classroom, but they were nowhere to be found. Kleenex will just have to do!