Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scanning the Overseas News

I was browsing the Scandinavian newspaper again, and saw that someone else had his first day of first grade as well - the young prince of the nation, walking to school with his casually dressed mom, dad, and grandma, the Queen. Adorable!

In another clip, it was announced that the Crown Princess had requested that the Army omit the customary 21 gun salute for her birthday, since gunfire across the country could be too alarming for citizens, this close to the bombing and shootings of only four weeks ago. A wise choice, I agree.

Several news articles have mentioned that a traffic accident and subsequent detours delayed the accused killer on the fateful day, so that his target, the former prime minister, had already spoken and departed the youth camp by the time he arrived. This article interviews the man who was driving the truck (full of TVs!) that overturned, causing the accident. He’s quoted as saying, ”I’m glad I crashed,” since the accident inadvertently saved additional lives.

The nation held a memorial ceremony today, starting with a moving speech by the king, including musical interludes by hometown stars Sissel (who sang the piercing elvish notes in The Lord of the Rings) and 80’s band a-ha, and concluding with “a hero’s welcome” for the prime minister, who all have agreed has handled the crisis with dignity and levelheadedness.

The ovation “went on for so long, both before and after the Prime Minister appeared on stage . . . that he almost seemed embarrassed. He was there to hail the victims, while the response from their loved ones and attack survivors reflected the thanks of a grateful nation.”

It’s a pleasure to read about an elected official with rational behavior these days.

Updated: Here's a link to the video recording of the memorial ceremony.


Bob said...

One mad man can affect so many lives, doesn't seem fair.

mayberry said...

Wow--I hadn't heard about the traffic accident.

And how sweet that Grandma walked the little prince into school!