Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Octopus! Now in Super-Size

O-pus is a great favorite in our household, with his great squishable size.

Baby Buster with O-pus.

Buster will come to my bedside in the morning and ask, “You want Octopus?” (he can pronounce all the syllables these days, so he no longer says “O-pus.”) He then drags over the giant creature and we all snuggle.

Even famous authors like O-pus.

I’ve been planning to get the mini-squishable for Buster for Christmas. So cute!

SwingDaddy spilled the beans on something he’s considering for me for Christmas. The new, giant Octopus! Who needs furniture when you can fill the house with these friendly cephalopods!

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Bob said...

They all look so cute, especially when decorated with the baby.