Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Blue Mouse Saga

When my nephew was born, a kind friend of my sister's happened to be living in Sweden at the time and sent him a cute stuffed mouse. As she detailed in her blog last year, Remy adored the blue mouse and he became rather battered, as you can imagine, from the intensity of toddler living.

Acquiring backup mice was not so easy, since they weren't for sale anywhere in the US. After some misjudged sizes and two rounds of shipping, a new battalion of blue mice arrived, ready to be loved.

Fast forward to this year, when I’ve been making regular trips to the country west of Sweden, and I promised to keep my eyes open for additional blue mice. I checked the largest toy store in the capital city, but no luck.

I had brought a pair of baby sunglasses for a colleague of mine (very cool ones, where the earpieces flex out, avoiding the ear-smashing application that so often results when the baby is not so excited about them), and he sent me a photo of his little son, wearing the sunglasses and sitting in his stroller.

After I admired his cute baby, I gasped. Check out what’s dangling above his head! That looks an awful lot like the blue mouse feet. A different color and probably a different animal (a lion, as it turned out), but clearly from the same series of toys.

I told my colleague the long (and growing longer) story. He said he was going shopping in Sweden later in the month for a new car seat, and that he’d look for blue mice at the same store where they’d bought the stuffed lion for his son.

A few weeks passed. I received an email with this attachment. Mouse found!

My colleague went on paternity leave, so he must have handed it off to someone else in the office to await the next international business trip, which as it turns out, was made my boss a month later. I’d pretty much forgotten about the whole thing until I received a text message at four in the morning with this image.

Caption: I have it.

Another week after that, a miniature blue mouse was delivered to my desk. And then to my sister, and then to my nephew, who promptly said, “I LOVE it!”


Bob said...

What a lovely story and a wonderful turn-out. International friendship and travel too.

Stimey said...

An international traveler. Excellent!

mayberry said...

Very cool. I love how parents everywhere grasp the importance of the mission.