Thursday, July 07, 2011

For My Next Desert Expedition

Now that the boys are interesting in swimming, I needed a post-baby, non-bikini swimsuit that would stay attached to me while small bodies flung themselves at me in the water. I’ve always liked Lands End’s concepts, where you mix and match colors and sizes, tops and bottoms, so I searched their site and found this outfit:

It would be better in red, but the coral color is nice and bright; I adore both the polka dots and the vintage-y skirt.

I’ve worn it once so far, and it held up well – no wardrobe malfunctions, even with Buster on my hip for most of the swim. Oddly though, the material doesn’t seem to get dry. I rinsed it, hung it up, and a day and a half later, it’s still damp, unlike most swimsuit materials, which dry almost instantly.

I’m thinking that Lands End can sell this to a different market – perhaps to keep desert adventurers cool and damp.

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mayberry said...

Very cute! I like their suits.