Monday, July 11, 2011

Airport Bookstore in Evolution

I’m loving my Kindle as I plow through the Parasol Protectorate series this week (octopuses! Victorian garb!) I’m still finding that first time reads are excellent, although the re-read experience is less impressive on e-book so far.

We noticed this display at the airport bookstore this weekend:

Gotta move with the times!

On a sadder note, moving with the times in California means that I discovered today that our local library is now closed three days a week, due to budget cuts. :(


Book store said...

very good evolution :) really liked it

Bob said...

For kids, there's nothing like flipping through the books at the library to select books.

Asianmommy said...

Wow--I'm sorry to hear that your library has cut their hours by so much. Ours is closed on Sundays during the summer, & I was bummed about that.

mayberry said...

That's a shame about the library! Ours is safe for now, but our governor is totally the type to shut the doors just for fun, so I worry.