Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Yeah, Their Feet Grow

I bought Q-ster a new swimsuit, found Buster’s swimsuit and rash shirt, pulled out the towels, printed out the registration receipt for swimming classes and handed them to SwingDaddy.

Then I headed to work yesterday, getting ready for an intense final day of prep for a big presentation. At about four o’clock, I realized . . . they have NO SHOES. My children have no shoes to wear to the pool. The only shoes that fit are one pair of sneakers each, because last summer’s water shoes are tiny now.

I called home, but SwingDaddy already had cleverly improvised, finding some too-large flip flops for Q-ster and some too-small sandals that Buster could mince along in.

I picked up some water shoes on the drive home.

Worked all night. Got up early and presented my cross-Atlanic project commit with a great team, and it went through. Woo-hoo! It feels like I’m coming up for air.

And today, I left the office early and went to swim class too. Ahhh.


Bob said...

Presentation and shoes, both getting bigger in size.

Bibliomama said...

I had the SAHM version of this, except it was my daughter's all-too-tiny underwear, the poor kid. Oh yeah, their butts grow too. Sigh.

mayberry said...

I am so hoping to come up for air soon! June has been out of control.