Monday, June 06, 2011

Tech and Kisses

The micro dude is on this kick where he tells me he loves me all the time. And boy, am I loving that! We spent early Saturday morning snuggled together, with him periodically saying, “I love you!” and “I kiss you!” interspersed with very carefully placed damp kisses on my cheek.

Precious, precious moments, to be stored in my memory and savored on other days when the boys decide they are going to whack everything in sight with sharp sticks. And yet other times when Buster decides that my iPad content is deficient in comparison with SwingDaddy’s. “Tomorrow, we’re going to visit Auntie and then go to the piano recitial,” I tell him. He responds hopefully, “And tomorrow you get more games for iPad?”


mayberry said...

Get with the program mom! Yesterday we tried Go Car Go, which I'd seen on Cool Mom Tech. O liked it a lot, but it might be hard for Buster to do on his own.

Bob said...

Precious moments to be treasured.

Anonymous said...

Ah, priorities. Love it.

Amber said...

My toddler won't let me leave the house without about 15 hugs. It can feel tedious at times, but it's also the best thing EVER.