Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mathematical Cephalopods

I’ve never heard of SnorgTees before, but they’ve got some highly amusing items. I love this octo-pi shirt!

And the Alderaan Five Day Weather Forecast


Mir said...

Those are AWESOME. I really want the octopi one for my pi-obsessed kiddo, but I'm not sure he needs a $20 t-shirt. Still, hilarious.

Desiree said...

I had to google alderaan and then laughed out loud. We are a little behind on the Star Wars obsession in our house. We have seen episode 1 so far. But last weekend was a very Star Wars heavy weekend and I thought of Q-ster more than a few times. Andrew rode on the newly opened Star Tours 4 times on Saturday then we went to Legoland on Sunday and saw the awesome new Star Wars lego exhibits. They had many planet scenes, spaceships and even the ewok village in some mini redwoods!

mayberry said...

Aw man! We missed out on the Star Wars stuff at Legoland last summer.

Waltzing with Widgets said...

Love it!

Bob said...

Octopi is Great. And the weather forecast for Alderaan- first I thought it was 15 degrees Kelvin or -432.4 F. But space temp is 3 K.
And the picture seems to indicate it was hot, then looking at the web site it said 15,000 F. Funny.