Saturday, June 18, 2011

European Men, American Men

I'm about to hit the road again, and it made me think back to a few observations from my last Scandinavian trip.

Men use umbrellas there. I think a lot of American men think it's wimpy to use umbrellas, so they just get soaked instead.

I saw lots of men with rubber overshoes. I think it's adorable! Again, not something you see in the US.

At the airport, I saw several men using the little luggage trolleys to push their briefcases along. So practical! Something that I would certainly do, but again, I think that (in a broadly, overgeneralizing way), ya wouldn't see a dude use a cart unless he had a family's worth of baggage with him.

Some of these differences can be attributed to me living in a climate where there isn't a lot of rain or mud, of course. There are certainly pros and cons to any kind of behavior, and it's refreshing to see a different perspective.

On an unrelated note, I finally got around to booking an appointment with my fearsomely hip hair stylist and set him loose. I now have fearsomely hip hair. It looks fantastic, although I can't actually see, because it brushes artfully across my eyes. I suppose sight is a small sacrifice for looking so trendy.

Seriously, I'm sure it'll be both hip and practical after I wash out the product.

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mayberry said...

I hope you snapped a photo of the trendiness before you washed it out! (A European guy surely would!) And safe travels.