Sunday, June 12, 2011

All Singing, All Dancing

Did any of you catch the Tony Awards? My excuse was that I needed to fold the laundry anyway, so I stepped away from the computer and watched all the musical numbers from the evening.


I adore Neil Patrick Harris – from his opening number (“Broadway . . . not just for gays anymore!”) to his awesome duet with Hugh Jackman (“Anything you can do, I can do better”) to the rap summary of the evening’s events that I read about but haven’t heard because the DVR stopped recording and no one’s posted it on YouTube yet.

Daniel Radcliffe, in his post Harry Potter life, turns out to be an entertaining singer and dancer.

The best actor winner, Nobert Leo Butz, performed a phenomenal number as the FBI agent in Catch Me if You Can (Starting at the 1 minute mark. I think he has the Tom Hanks part in the movie co-starring Leonardo DiCaprio.) He sang and danced the role of an uncool older man among sizzling jazz chorus dancers, and every movement put his character on display beautifully.

The best actress winner, Sutton Foster, was a knockout in Anything Goes, as expected. She first came to fame in Thoroughly Modern Millie, and I was thisclose to seeing her on Broadway in The Drowsy Chaperone, but she was unfortunately on her honeymoon. And after missing my show, she divorced the dude anyway (allegedly for cheating with Laura Bundy Bell (from Hairspray), according to Wikipedia. The plot thickens!) Humph.

The Book of Mormon, written by the South Park guys and the creator of Avenue Q (doesn’t that totally sound like trouble?) won best book of a musical, best original score, best orchestration, best featured actress, best scenic design, best lighting design, best sound design, best director, and best musical. Whew! They did not win best costuming – that went to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

I really need to get out to New York soon and see these great shows. Preferably in July, before the Alexander McQueen exhibit at MoMA closes!

Updated: The closing rap.


Anonymous said...

loved the hugh/neil number. didn't like Norbert's song, but impressed with his hard work! Sutton was awesome.


Bob said...

Nobert Leo Butz who performed as the FBI agent in Catch Me if You Can is unbelievable. How can someone dance like that and still sing?( inhaling oxygen?).
I don't know how could Neil sing the summary with matching video projected on the screen, phenomenal-did he know the results ahead of time? ( he did not sing about the last couple of awards- too short a time to prepare ).

mayberry said...

I'm bummed that I missed it--thanks for the summary & links!