Saturday, May 28, 2011

Someone at This School is Brilliant

The elementary school had a walk-a-thon fundraiser a couple of weeks ago, and the little dude came home reporting that it had been a pretty fun event. They had been rewarded every three laps with a “circle band” which he explained as a “special kind of silly band, shaped like a circle.”

Alert readers and those of you with kids who’ve been through the fad know that silly bands are basically rubber bands that retract into cute shapes, like animals or Jedi characters. A low cost, high markup collectible toy that young’uns can buy themselves – a perfect storm of marketing, if you will.

So, a silly band in the shape of a circle, which is what a rubber band is in the first place? That is even MORE BRILLIANT. SwingDaddy and I were imagining a clever PTA parent running over to OfficeMax for a couple of 1000-count boxes of rubber bands and turning them into a motivational device.

Postscript: Q-ster showed me his “circle bands” yesterday and it turns out that they’re not actually plain old rubber bands. They’re rubber bracelets, like the skinny black tubes that Madonna wore in stacks back in the 80’s, except in bright colors. I think the “special silly band” designation was to keep the boys from dismissing them as girl-jewelry. And it worked!


Bob said...

How clever.
Would even be more clever if it was a plain rubber band.

mayberry said...

We do a walk-a-thon at our school too. I'll have to remember the ol' "circle band" idea for next time!