Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Life Clearly Not Mine

My latest guilty pleasure listening has been Ke$ha’s album. With a dollar sign in her stage name, you know it’s not going to be classy music, but it’s quite amazing just how on-message every single one of her songs is. Topics: getting drunk, throwing up, not being able to find her clothes, still being drunk when the sun comes up. Every single song. All delivered in a very cheerful, upbeat, catchy tune format.

It makes me grateful to have the life that I do. Perhaps not as “exciting,” but even the hours I work are less exhausting than her partying. I’m totally enjoying the album, but have to make sure I never sing the words out loud.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps I should take a page from her book, and change my last name to $trocel.

mayberry said...

Hee! I have some Cs in my name, but cents signs just don't work very well in rap names, do they?