Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jedi Frog

For most children, all the ‘favorite things’ get mixed together on occasion in a spectacular mashup. After bathtime, we get JEDI FROG, and the boys hop around in their hooded frog towels, swirling them around like capes.

In unrelated news, I discovered a package of chocolate marshmallow bears on my desk yesterday, and it turned out that a colleague had brought them for me from Scandinavia when he came into town this week. “You always bring us sweets from California,” he explained. Yum! I opened up the package and all my neighbors agreed that they were delicious.

I forgot to bring any home yesterday, but I told the boys that I would bring them one each tonight. Q-ster immediately asked me how big the bag was, and started negotiating for a larger share. His business instincts are good, if somewhat alarming.

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Bob said...

The negotiating force is strong with this one.