Wednesday, May 04, 2011

In Honor of Star Wars Day

What, you didn’t know it was Star Wars Day? May the Fourth be with you!

I was hoping to see this day, when the older Jedi handed down his robe to the younger Jedi, but Buster has always been curiously unwilling to try on costumes. Last week, I got home from work and was thrilled to see they were playing "adventurers," wearing their robes and popping up the hoods when it was "raining."

They had also lit a pretend campfire of red cushions using the plush torch and were roasting a stuffed tiger on top for supper. Toy food has come a long way, kind of.


mayberry said...

May the Fourth be with you too! I have a Lego X-wing keeping me company near my laptop.

Anonymous said...

The little one looked so cool standing behind the master. Good pose.

Holly said...

May the Fourth be with you! Star Wars is a VERY big deal in our house. I've seen all the movies multiple times and I have 3 boys to whom I am passing on my "nerd."
Love your blog! :)