Thursday, May 05, 2011

Cardmaker, Junior

Q-ster has been in charge of making the family greeting cards for years now, becoming more skilled with each holiday. Where we used to get a few reluctant scribbles, we now get fully formed sentences (with some coaching) in reasonably legible print. Buster has been sliding along by adding one of his favorite stamps to his brother’s work and calling it a day.

No more.

While Q-ster was off testing for his taekwondo yellow belt yesterday (woo-hoo!), Buster and I tacked Mother’s Day cards. Grandmothers – please be prepared for a step back to three-year old art and mommy printing. The micro dude was thrilled to add foam stickers to construction paper, although he refused to attempt drawing a “C” for his signature. He was pretty proud to have been the card-creator this time, and when his big brother got home, we made space for him to add his signature.

And in non sequitur theater tradition, here’s another story. I think there is nothing quite as alert as the ears of a parent of a potty-training child. Last weekend, SwingDaddy and I both thought we heard the word “poop” spoken by Buster and we sprinted to the other room to make sure that nothing untoward was happening. It turns out that he was explaining that “Wormie is pooping on the potty.”

Ok then. It’s good that even our plush friends are participating in the action.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the artwork. Nice going Buster.

Double potty training.


mayberry said...

Love handmade cards (and worms who can use the potty).

Anonymous said...

omg. wormie made my day!
Mme A

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know the dash through the house well. It's better to run needlessly, than ignore and be sorry.