Friday, April 08, 2011

Scene from a City

After a packed schedule of thirty-plus meetings in four days, I escaped the office Friday evening to enjoy a walking tour of the "historic marketplaces in the city centre and the Cathedral." A few pictures before I pack for the trip home:

You gotta love a place that takes the cannonballs (fired from ancient enemy ships) discovered during renovations and embeds them in a place of honor in exterior walls. It's the dark spot left of the "T"in the Posthallen (historic post office) sign.

The beautiful Baroque Cathedral has had many renovations, including a period when German architects turned the interior dark and Gothic and then a return to the original.

The murals on the ceiling look like they were added during a 1970's free-to-be you-and-me session.

And of course, there's no point in seeing a city unless there is cuteness, here provided by an adorable (but incredibly expensive) display of Moomin and Barbapapa puzzles and books. I blanched at the $50 price tags and picked some sweets to bring to the boys instead.

Homeward bound!


Bob said...

Moomin and Barbapapa wow.
But it's the price that dictates.
How do they guarantee that the cannonballs will not fall down from the wall I wonder.

mayberry said...

Wow, loved seeing the inside of the church. Safe home!