Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Peeps

In the spring, every octopus spends some quality time with his Peeps.

This year, we are joined by some even littler ones.

They look ready to be eaten! Well, they look about as edible as real Peeps.

Buster is arranging a photo here.

A boy, an octopus, and a whole bunch of plush replicas of Easter-themed, sugar coated marshmallow candy. What could be more natural?


Stimey said...

Such adorable photos! I saw those plush Peeps in the store and it took everything I had to walk away.

Bob said...

Great arrangement and nice pose himself.

mayberry said...

I am a fan of Buster's work as a model/prop stylist.

Asianmommy said...

Peeps! Love them--I need to get some!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's because I'm Canadian, but I have never developed a taste for peeps. I far prefer Cadbury Mini Eggs when it comes to Easter treats.

But the plush peeps? Adorable.