Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kindergarten Egg Drop

I remember kids in high school physics class carefully preparing for an egg drop test - figure out the best way to package a raw egg in a box so that it'll survive a toss from the top of the gymnasium roof. The theories, preparations and results were a substantial portion of the semester grades and everyone was pretty stressed.

That must have left a residual impression, because when we got the Q-ster's classroom egg drop notice, I groaned. How much work was this going to take? And then, oh yeah, this is kindergarten. This should be fun!

There were strict instructions to put one's egg in a baggie first. The kindergarten teachers are well aware of who is going to be doing any real cleaning up.

Roll in bubble wrap.

Stop to pop some bubbles. Be reminded that this is going to make the bubble wrap less useful.

Stuff into box.

Decorate box.

This is the first event at school that I'm going to have to miss where I'd really like to be there. Sigh. I'm sure he'll have lots to report.


kt moxie said...

I remember doing an egg drop in middle school! So fun. You'll have to let us know the results!

Bob said...

Lots of luck.
Bring recipe for "egg drop soup"
so nothing will be wasted.

Waltzing with Widgets said...

Very cool! I don't remember doing anything remotely so interesting in kindergarten.

mayberry said...

Love his face in the first picture. Someone is way excited!

Anonymous said...

Those kindergarten teachers are pretty smart with the baggie requirement.

And I'm sorry you had to miss it.

Phoenix pre-k said...

The staff is inviting and attentive, and they provide updates on how your child is progressing. The outside toys and activities are very reminiscent to those of the school playground we had in our days.