Friday, April 29, 2011

The Earth, Brought to You by our Sponsor

Q-ster's homework had a picture of the earth, and he was following the instructions, coloring in the water parts blue and the land parts green, when his little brother brought me crayons and demanded that I draw one for him too.

Except that he didn't request "the earth," he requested a "Google Earth!" I scribbled something out quickly, added some color, and said, "The earth!"

"Google Earth!" he corrected, and pointed to when I should mark our house and Ama and Agu's house (sorry, it looks like y'all live somewhere in the southern hemisphere now.) Buster's been fascinated with viewing our neighborhood through the application, and I guess it's affected his vocabulary.

After all, he probably does hear the phrase "Google Earth" more often than "earth." He doesn't pretend he's Indiana Jones, either. He says he's "Lego Indiana Jones!" and doesn't take kindly to correction. So we just cheer on the little brick hero and go about our way.


Anonymous said...

The sponsors are really smart in affecting kids.

Anonymous said...

This totally made me laugh.

Toddlers can be oddly specific about things, while sort of missing the point.