Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Determination, Part 127

I was hanging out with Buster over the weekend when he pulled a jumprope out of the toybox and started waving it around.
"Do you want to learn how to jump?" I asked, idly. The rope was way too long for him and it takes more coordination to jump than one would think, but what the heck. This might amuse us for a bit.
He was game, so I told him to raise his arms and swing the rope over his head. Then jump over the rope. And repeat.
Of course, this was kind of a mess and he ran off around the corner to run in the grass. I came around a few minutes later, and there he was, steadily working towards his two-part jump. Whip, jump. Whip, jump.
He is nothing if not determined.


Bob said...

How cute, we tried that too and the rope was too long, but he didn't want to shorten it.

mayberry said...

Love the photo series (and the determination).

Anonymous said...

We have something to learn from kids when it comes to tenacity, I think. They just keep with it.