Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Cutest Yogurt Ever

I actually posted about this yogurt from my a previous trip, but the packaging has even gotten cuter since then. I'm envious of my Scandinavian colleagues who have stashes of this in the company fridge in different flavors.

A little foldable spoon is attached on the underside, between the two compartments.

Separate yogurt and muesli compartments. It's a very sustaining mix with good texture. Actually, I don't even know that it's particularly delicious yogurt, but it tastes fine and it's super cute.

Unfold the spoon.



Kaycee said...

SO Cute!! I want some, if only for the packaging.

mayberry said...

Love the penguinish critter, too!

ljc said...

So cute! It would help me eat more yogurt!