Sunday, April 03, 2011

Baby Pirates and the New Jedi Look

Instead of packing for my upcoming trip or getting a little extra work done today, I had a couple of really fun procrastination project - making a pirate flag for my nephew's third birthday. I tried to make the skull as cute as possible.

I also made him a satchel, a la Flynn Rider, into which my sister put her old toy tiara. He was very pleased with it and called his mom "Rapunzel." I haven't seen the movie Tangled yet, so I'm just going to trust that this all makes sense.

A family friend made this amazing Penguins of Madagascar cake. Fondant penguins!

Buster enjoyed his cousin's toy car.

Q-ster has been steadily outgrowing the original Jedi robe that we made and it's not so dignified for Obi-wan to have his knees showing. My dad cut a new one out of a bolt of brown fabric that had made its way to me and I sewed it up. Jedi Master is lookin' good!


Bob said...

What a cute pirate flag, with well positioned eye sockets below the big forehead. Yes dignified Jedi robe and LED light saber.

Asianmommy said...

Love the penguin cake!!

mayberry said...

Wow, I love how clever and crafty your family & friends are! Happy birthday to little "Flynn."