Thursday, March 24, 2011

Treats, Nordic Style

Two of my Scandinavian colleagues were in town this week, so we had the team over for dinner. They thoughtfully brought sweets with them for our day-long meetings.

Gummy people that were apparently labeled as Easter candy, although we weren’t sure what the connection was. “Jesus on skis?” suggested one person.

A treasure chest of sweets, one box for each of the boys. My co-worker, also a parent of two young kids, said that he wondered whether it was ethical to give someone else’s children a three-day sugar high, but that he brought it anyway.

This last one is a flashback to my last trip to their country, where the afternoon snacks provided in the breakrooms included full size carrots. I’m so used to seeing carrot sticks and “baby carrots” that it’s very bizarre to see people munching on an entire carrot, like Bugs Bunny.


mayberry said...

It would be hard to resist a good "What's up, Doc?"! Love the treasure chest.

Bob said...

The see thru treasure chest is a great.
Love the design.

fourthbreakfast said...

I was devastated when I found out that baby carrots are not actually naturally occurring little carrots but are manufactured. I thought that the carrots were nice full sized carrots that were wastefully shredded to tiny size. Turns out the opposite. Carrots that would be discarded are used:

Anonymous said...

If you really think about it, the Easter bunny itself doesn't really bear any connection to the religious significance of the holiday. I think that a little bit of abstraction is OK. Especially when gummy is involved - I do love gummy.