Monday, March 21, 2011

The Pros of Bros

We certainly get our share of brotherly disagreements and dust-ups, but I’m choosing to the record the sweet moments today (and most days.)

Buster handled his big brother’s birthday really well. Even as Q-ster opened gift after gift, there was no whining and no complaining which impressed me, because Buster’s not quite three years old.

When Q-ster unwrapped a Hot Wheels set, the micro dude’s interest was piqued. He loves cars dearly. So . . . Q-ster decided to give it to him!


mayberry said...

That is so sweet! (This is one benefit to us of having kids' birthdays one day apart--"you'll get your presents tomorrow!")

Bob said...

Fortunately or unfortunately brotherly disagreements and dust-ups are the norm for boys.
The hot wheel set is really impressive-very generous of Q-ster.