Monday, March 14, 2011

Like Leo

When we first started watching The Little Einsteins, Q-ster was only two. We found the story lines tolerable, animated characters cute, and the music and art themes entertaining. Singer Annie was age four, and instrumentalist Quincy was five. Dancer June and conductor Leo were the impossibly old age of six. At least that’s how it seemed to the parents of a two year old.

Over the weekend, we watched an episode and Q-ster pointed out that he is now six, just as old as June and Leo. When did that happen? Just as I started to get sentimental, he demanded a stick to use as a conductor’s baton and the whirlwind of dodging weapons began anew.


Bob said...

He grows so fast, hope he won't outgrow Little Einsteins too soon.

mayberry said...

I keep saying that to O. How can you be almost six??